Secstion of Mastery

Complete Proposal

Description of Mastery:
For my Senior Mastery, I am going to be setting up three storyboards around three different subjects of animation. The background, Character, and the last including the two animations together. Each aspect of animation is important when trying to grasp the attention of an audience.For my internship, I plan on finding a business that revolves around animation and design in order to expand my knowledge around this subject While working on my animations I plan on learning how to further develop my photoshop and flash keys shortcuts skills. Learning these shortcuts will greatly improve the diligence of my work while also speeding up the process of the frame by frame work. I will not be showing the in-between frames so that my presentation won’t take up too much time but I may show the in between over the storyboard. I will also include my portfolio as I present my mastery including what I learned what I am strong in and what I am weak with and what I could improve on. I have been using many websites to further improve my knowledge of flash animation and photoshop but out of the majority, I’ve been using Youtube as a large source of information not only to improve on adobe skills but also my own. My senior mastery will not only show my growth as a student but as a young adult as well. That’s why I’m including these three twenty-first century skills.


The animation in all its forms has always grasped my interest and infatuation. So I wanted to construct my mastery around StoryBoarding. I chose this form of mastery because animation is a passion that never fails me. Whether it be writing a report or presenting a demonstration animation is a topic  I love. But my overall idea for this process will be to show my work by drawings out the storyboards to explain the process of animation. By Drawing out my storyboards I can present how my free hand drawing have improved.

Here’s a Link to a video of me working

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